Become a Sound Engineer in 6 *Easy* Steps

I stumbled upon this interesting article on wikihow, and must agree with the steps to success that are laid out. Although it may seem quite a bit easier than it really is, this is a good breakdown of the steps to become a good engineer, producer, or musician for that matter!


Here’s a quick outline of the article (which you should read here if you like):

Start practicing. It’s impossible to become the next Mozart if you’ve never picked up an instrument!

Learn the basics, then learn from the pros. Check out our videos here if you want in-depth, resume building experience.

Read good books about engineering! Simply doing an Amazon search on Audio, Engineering, Producing, and Recording Music will get you started in the right direction.

Learn gear, and learn a DAW. These are the tools you’ll need, so you should be super fast and comfortable with them.

Listen to music. It is quite literally the most important thing to do, as you can’t make good music if you don’t know what it sounds like! 🙂

These are important to remember because audio engineers can sometimes get carried away with certain aspects of this list (gear heads…don’t worry, we love gear too!) It’s important to keep progressing in all of these areas to be the best you can be!


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