Batch Commander by Slate Media Technology

Batch Commander puts hours back into the days of Pro Tools users.
Based on Slate’s Raven 2.0 Control Surface software, Batch Commander is a series of single buttons that can execute up to 1000 key commands, menu selections, and mouse clicks.

Here is a brief overview of it’s capabilities from Slate’s description.

  • Tighten up entire drum tracks and put them on the grid using one button.
  • Instantly create headphone sends and fx returns using one button.
  • Apply your favorite chain of plugins to multiple tracks with one button.
  • Call up any tracks you want and their associated plugins for quick tweaking using single buttons.
  • Convert all your MIDI tracks to audio tracks using one button.
  • Create MIDI notes from audio tracks using one button.
  • Get your tracks ready for collaboration by automatically consolidating, exporting, and naming them for you, using one button.

After watching less than 3 minutes of the video demonstration, I had it in my shopping cart.  The ability to duplicate long channel strips of plug-ins was enough for me, and I can’t wait to learn what other repetitive tasks this will eliminate!

Watch the demo video, then grab the trial or full version of Batch Commander Here!

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