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21 Apr 2017

Who Wants a Free Plug-in???

Interested in free stuff? We always are. That’s why we’re super excited every time Native-Instruments puts out a free plug-in. They’ve done it before with Driver, and luckily they’ve done it again with a new Tube Compressor Emulator. Visit this link to grab your free copy – only until December 31st, 2013! With this awesome piece of software, you’ll be amazed at what you can do. After testing it out on a few different tracks, here’s what we found: My […]

20 Apr 2017

The Creative Trap of New Gear

New gear always seems like it can bring a wave of creativity to your work. But beware, this is actually the least creative time as a producer or engineer! Here’s why: Getting new plug-ins, guitars, gear, etc. is an exciting thing – and a necessary thing if you plan to get any better or diverse. But you should always keep in mind that new gear does not equal a burst in creativity. And why is that? Because chances are that […]

19 Apr 2017

Getting a Great Lead Guitar Tone

There’s a lot of ways to get a great lead guitar tone. We go over it in just about ever genre in our training series. But the truth is, if you’re stuck, just give Michael Winslow a call and get your SM58 ready to go!  

19 Apr 2017

Diversifying – An audio guys video list

Hey all, Even though we focus on a lot of audio here at Multi-Platinum, I’ve found so many audio guys get more work if they have a working knowledge of shooting and editing video. Once upon a time, video was a *much* more expensive pursuit, with only cursory connections to the audio field. But now, with DSLR’s enabling amazing quality video, and software like Avid, Premier and Final Cut offering VERY familiar DAW style editing for video, it’s never been […]

19 Apr 2017

Tony Maserati on Pensado’s Place

We mentioned yesterday about learning from the greats. Well, get ready to add another (long) video to your watch list! This is a Pensado’s Place episode featuring none other than legendary engineer Tony Maserati. This video is not only very informative, but it’s also very inspiring and gives a lot of ideas for mixing masterpieces! My favorite part of this video is about 7 minutes in, where the topic of using the sidechain of plug-ins comes up. This is extremely […]

19 Apr 2017

Multi-Platinum Presents Secrets of the Hits v2: In the Style of Taylor Swift

Ever wonder how they make Taylor Swift tracks sound so good? Want to know the secrets to creating stellar pop country tracks – all in the box? Are you sick of lifeless tracks for your pop country productions? Have you tried to create steel guitar parts with no success? Are you wondering how to create such a great recording in the box? Have you tried referencing your mix to those of the stars, only to be disappointed in the end? […]

19 Apr 2017

Electronic Music Sound Design – A Better Workflow

If you’re into electronic music, you are probably into creating cool sounds with synthesizers and virtual instruments. Last week, I was working on writing an EDM track with a friend. We come from different musical backgrounds, so it was cool collaboration. But the biggest thing I learned in the process dealt with designing sounds. My entire process got a shot in the arm after that session – here’s why. I usually take the “200 track pop production” approach. That means […]

19 Apr 2017

Better Productions Beyond the Honeymoon Phase

So you might have gotten some pretty cool toys to play with. Maybe some new samples, a new guitar, or a new microphone. For the next few days, you might be making some amazing music. Everything sounds fresh and new. Whatever you record turns to gold. But a week later, maybe a month later, maybe even a year later – if you’re lucky – things start to sound old again. You fall into a rut and start making mediocre music […]

19 Apr 2017

The Platinum Rule of Recording

The golden rule is great, but when it comes to your studio, you need to follow the platinum rule as well. But what is the platinum rule? Good question. The platinum rule helps you make decisions and make them fast. A lot of time can be wasted in your sessions simply by not following this simple rule. And since your time is precious, you definitely need to make the most of it and use this rule constantly. The platinum rule […]

19 Apr 2017


Sadly, many of us gear heads can relate all too well to this picture. Maybe not about the video games (or maybe!), but what about the piles and piles (and piles…don’t forget about the closet piles) of gear? The truth is, it really isn’t 100% necessary to have a crazy amount of gear. Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve got it – that’s great! But if you’re just starting out, don’t be intimidated by the price tags on the so-called […]