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23 May 2017

Producing the Ultimate Snare Riser pt1: Samples & Drum Racks in Ableton Live

Welcome back guys, today I’m sitting down with killer EDM producer Falcone to learn his techniques for producing the Ultimate Snare Riser. Ya, I know that sounds a bit hyped, but if you’re coming from working with another DAW like Pro Tools or Logic, I’m telling you, you’re going to LOVE the production options you have in software like Live. Check it out let us know what you think!

20 May 2017

Begin To Master Ableton Live: Phattening the Hook with Serum & Freezing Clips in Session View

Learn to build killer hook sounds with Serum, and free up your overworked CPU by freezing clips in Session view. The fun continues as we continue to master Ableton Live with mad scientist and producer Falcone!

19 May 2017

Begin to Master Ableton Live: MIDI Recording and Groove Quantization

If you’re a producer, you need a deep understanding of groove. Fortunately, Ableton Live enables you to capture your ideas anytime by recording MIDI with your laptops Qwerty Keyboard! And just in case your groove gets thrown off by the click-clack of your computer keys, Falcone shows us how to use our Ears and Groove Quantization to bring it all back.

19 May 2017

Begin to Master Ableton Live: Start Creating a Killer Track

If you’re a singer, songwriter, producer or DJ, you owe it to yourself to learn Ableton Live. In this new series we’re sitting down with master producer Falcone, and helping you begin to master the possibilities in this software. Learn his personal techniques for creating and shaping killer electronic tracks, then follow along as you create your own music. Begin to Master @Ableton Live! Produce a killer EDM track with hit producer @falconeofficial and @MultiPlatinumPT

13 Apr 2017

You’ll never wonder how sound works again.

Easily the greatest set of animations I’ve ever seen, animagraffs has put together an amazing long graphic animating the core aspects of sound. How sound works. How Speakers work. Beautifully drawn and animated, and with understandable descriptions. Even if you’ve been engineering for years, odds are good this will teach you something, or make you look at some aspect of sound differently. Click here to see the full page.  

13 Apr 2017

H-Delay Deal from Waves – Today Only

Want an incredible delay with a nice analog sound? Look no further. And for only $29, you won’t find a better deal. We use this plug quite a bit in our mixes, like in Nashville Demo Indie Rock course. It can add a lot of life and size to a vocal, or can create some pretty unique effects. The Lo-fi button is pretty useful, especially when using it just to add that “size” to a thin track. It keeps it […]

09 Apr 2017

Do you *love* great headphones and audiophile gear? Check this out

I’ve long been a fan of Grado headphones…the required headphones for many a critical listening class. But if you think your Beats by Dre can compare, I would challenge you to both check out this amazing tour of the components used to test *Every. Single. Pair* before they go out the door. Here’s the crazy thing…even a simple $99 set like the SR80e’s will give you a *much* more accurate listening experience, and you’ll actually *save* money in the process. […]

09 Apr 2017

Want Some Multi-Tracks to Practice With?

It’s a struggle every engineer faces at some point in their early career: How do I get more tracks to practice mixing? Sure, there’s bits and pieces of stems all across the internet. But not a great place to actually download sessions and start practicing on your own. Or is there? Mike Senior has a page with plenty of multi-tracks you can practice with. Be sure to read his privacy agreement and don’t infringe – this is a cool way […]

06 Apr 2017

SSL EQ by Waves – 100 Days of Waves

Welcome to Multi-Platinum’s 100 Days of Waves! What’s that, you might ask? It’s where we go through our favorite 100 Waves plug-ins and show you a little about them. But we’re not going to just show you how the knobs work. We’re putting them on our actual mixes and giving you a peak at how we use them in the real world. We want to hear what you think about them – tell us your thoughts and share it for […]

03 Apr 2017

Future Proof Pro Tools Sessions

On one of the main Nashville producer engineer forums, this topic came up yesterday as a long time producer discovered he could no longer open sessions he archived 10 years ago to CD and DVD. In that case it turns out that the media has simply started to go bad, causing corrupt files and sessions that could not be imported without a lot of extra hassle. But even if you have backups saved to ultra-reliable hard drives or tapes, what’s […]