An Interview with Mick Guzauski

It’s hard to find someone with a longer and more impressive credit list than Mick Guzauski. He is mixing some of today’s biggest hits and is shaping the sound of the modern mix with credits like Pharrell, Alicia Keys, and Daft Punk.

We were lucky enough to chat with him a bit after his presentation at Sweetwater’s Gearfest 2014 this weekend. (Check out some other great interviews over here.)

Mick gives us an inside look at his workflow and current mixing setup, as well as his favorite new plug-in to use on vocals. Take a look at the interview here!

One thought on “An Interview with Mick Guzauski”

  1. I really like his personality. He seems like a really nice guy and that is always a big like for me. there are tons of people out there with ability but personality means alot when you are working with people.

    Just wanted to give credit to him.

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