A Lesson In Arrangement – The Piano Guys

Have you ever seen five guys play a single instrument? If you keep up with the viral videos, then your answer is probably yes.

Even though its extremely impressive to see these guys play this catchy tune, what’s more impressive is that it never gets boring. From the start to the finish, they keep it interesting.

Which is why this is a clinic in arrangement. Check out the video here:

Ok – who expected that one of the guys would start playing the piano with a bow? Or that they would use the lid as the snare?

That’s the kind of stuff that makes a viewer want to keep watching. So how can we apply this to our producing, engineering, or mixing?

Easily. These guys used just one instrument and created an arrangement that was interesting the entire way through. That’s quite a feat.

We’ve got every kind of instrument at our disposal – yet we still make boring productions from time to time.

One thing we can do is to introduce elements later on in the song – like the guy with the bow. Had he started with the bow at the beginning, it would have been cool, but probably would have gotten a little boring by the end. Since it didn’t come in until halfway through the track, it added a lot of interest.

Another thing we can do is to build our tracks. These guys do it perfectly. It starts small, gets bigger for the first chorus, and dips in the bridge. And by the last chorus, they’re going all out. There is a sense of building throughout the entire song that keeps us listening.

What else can you learn from this video? Share your thoughts with us – we love to hear them!

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