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30 Nov 2017
Ableton Live and push for music programming

The Ultimate Music Programming Combo – Ableton Live & Push

  Ableton Live & Push for music programming: I discovered Ableton Live after having been a long time Pro Tools user. The interface seemed more intuitive and encouraged “in-the-moment” creation in a way no other DAW had achieved yet. Flexibility, simplicity, and workflow: I worked in the studio for a producer at a second computer running pro tools during live tracking sessions. I’d compose parts and sounds on our 2nd music programming station while the session musicians tracked right next […]

29 Nov 2017
use apple loops in your music

Can You Use Apple Loops In Your Music?

Is it legally OK to use Apple Loops in Logic or Garageband in your music? The easy answer is “yes, you can legally do it!” But that brings up another discussion – should you use them to create your music? It’s a similar question (though ultimately quite different) from sampling other people’s music. So, the question now is, Should you use Apple Loops in your music? There are two ways to answer this questions. Let’s start with “no.” No. If you […]

28 Nov 2017
crowdfunding your career

Crowdfunding A Successful Music Career

  Make music and let your fans participate- Your fans have more options than ever before to directly impact your career. Let them be involved in the process. You can create and give them access to behind the scenes. Listen to them and get to know what they want. Ask them what they love most about your music. Crowdfunding is more than money coming in, it’s about building a deeper relationship with your fans. Here’s three of our favorite crowdfunding […]

27 Nov 2017
Ultimate EDM Mastering Chain-Thinkific Course CARD-500x280

The Ultimate EDM Mastering Chain

The Ultimate EDM Mastering Chain If you’re producing electronic music in any of its different styles, you need to check out our course “The Ultimate EDM Mastering Chain”. This course is for you no matter if you’re using any of the main DAWs out there like Ableton, Bitwig, Logic, or Pro Tools. It’s for anyone wanting to take their electronic music production to the next level.  Get started now! – The Ultimate EDM Mastering Chain What you’ll learn: In these […]

17 Nov 2017
level up Friday

Level UP Friday (Sidechain Compression)

Here’s another edition of “Level UP Friday”, a curated power-list featuring the best music production tools, techniques, and strategies to help you create a successful career in music. This week we’re focusing on Mixing and specifically on the use of sidechain compression to help your tracks cut through the mix.  LEVEL 1: Listen — I Remember by Deadmau5 & Kaskade LEVEL 2: Learn —VIDEO 1: Deadmau5 PROTIP – sidechaining  https://youtu.be/VtzeNQsye7A In this short video, Deadmau5 talks about using sidechain compression in his […]

15 Nov 2017

Layering sounds to add interest and impact

  Layering sounds is one way to add interest and impact in your track. Layering sounds (also known as doubling in Orchestration world) is all about dynamics, tone, and making your sound more interesting and complex. Layering with another instrument doesn’t add anything new melodically. It instead expands upon the existing sonic element. If you double a melody, you’ll still be able to hear the same melody after its doubled up or down an octave. If you layer an instrument, […]

14 Nov 2017
what are you doing

What are you doing?

  Take action, create music you’re proud of, and share it with everyone. What are you doing – -right now? -this evening? -to get ahead? -to create more? -to finish a track? -in your spare time? -to be a better musician? -to perform at a higher level? -to understand the music business? -to maximize and proactively use the time you have? -to network with producers, artists, business professionals? -to make the most of each hour in front of your computer/phone? […]

13 Nov 2017

Making mobile music with Auxy -The mobile studio.

  Auxy’s mission is to put a studio in everyone’s pocket and push music forward as an artform. Making mobile music has never been easier or more fun! I make excuses and don’t make music. I say things like this too often. “I’d make music if only I had more time.” “There’s too much to set up before I can actually get started.” If you’re like me, these are all too common and lead us towards putting off the work […]

10 Nov 2017
level up Friday

Level UP Friday

Welcome to “Level UP Friday”, a curated power-list featuring the best music production tools, techniques, and strategies to help you create a successful career in music. This week we’re focusing on Synthesizers and specifically 80’s synth sounds as recently appearing in the Netflix series “Stranger Things” (Season 2 now on Netflix) LEVEL 1: Listen — Stranger Things “Title Sequence” & Stranger Things “Kids Two” by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. LEVEL 2: Learn — VIDEO: The Synth Sounds of Stranger Things (watch […]

08 Nov 2017
distrokid sell your music online

Sell your music online

  Where should you sell your music online once you’re ready to release it to the world? Are you overwhelmed by the myriad of services out there to sell your music? Maybe you’ve made so many choices up until this point that you’re feeling decision fatigue. You might not know how to get your tracks on Spotify, Amazon, or iTunes. Problem solved! We’ve compiled a short list of the top 3 best sites to help you sell your music online. […]