Monthly Archives: May 2015

25 May 2015

Hip Hop Mixing

Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Sublime all trust his production skills. Do you? Multi Platinum Hip Hop Mixing is 5 hours of Hands On mixing with Hip Hop master Dave Aron. How do you mix massive low end, punchy snares and tight rap vocals? Follow along with the included Pro Tools session as Dave Aron, the engineer behind Prince, Sublime, Death Row, and more, shows you the techniques, tips, and tricks that big-time mixers use to craft massive hits. Along the way […]

22 May 2015

Zoom H6 at Summer NAMM

We got to play with the new H6 at Sweetwater GearFest 2 weeks ago, and LOVE it’s portability and swappable microphones. This great interview from SOS shows you just how versatile this could be for those of you doing a lot of mobile recording, audio for video, or cutting scratch tracks of an artist you’re about to produce. Check it out.