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Interpreting Feedback from Your Clients: The Secret to Happy Customers

You've probably heard the saying - "the customer is always right." But as engineers, sometimes we're "right." Actually, most times we're "right." Contrary to what some artists think, there's no such thing as the "umph" knob on the kick drum channel. But it's our job as the engineer to make them think there is. If you deal… Read More

Kick Drum Trick

Getting A Better Feel From Your Kick

The four-on-the-floor kick drum is one of the staples in dance/pop music. But getting it to sit perfectly in your production can be a little trickier than just hitting "quantize" on the MIDI track. There are two ways to greatly adjust the entire feel of your track - just by moving the kick drum part… Read More

drums in studio

5 Steps to a Successful Multi-Tracking Session

Multi-tracking is an essential skill set that any engineer must have. But it's not quite as easy as it might seem. It's a lot more than just hitting record. It can be a stressful situation, even when you're just multi-tracking with three musicians. Let's go through 5 steps to a successful session: 1. Set up… Read More

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Using Clip Gain When Mixing

Are you using clip gain in your mixing process? You might be using it to fix a quick peak, or maybe to level out a vocal. It can be easier than automation in some cases, and can be a bit more precise than riding an actual fader. But there are actually other uses of clip… Read More


Understanding ADSR to Manipulate Your Synths

You've probably seen the knobs on your virtual synths labeled 'A', 'D', 'S', and 'R'. But do you know how to use them to fully control your sound? These are very powerful knobs - they control the envelope, and therefore can change your sound quite drastically. Let's take a look into how it works and… Read More

music art

Are You Developing the Hook for Better Recordings?

Name a piece of music. Chances are that you can sing, hum, or identify its "hook." A hook is an incredibly important part of any recording. And if you're not highlighting it in your production, you're missing out. There are a lot of misconceptions about what a hook actually is, so let's figure out how… Read More

PT Wide mix

Finishing a Mix - The Secret to Moving On

You've probably been through something like this with your mixes. You start mixing and make a pretty big improvement the first day. Then you set it down, knowing that there is a lot more to get to. You pick it up again and are ready to keep working. You make a big step forward, but… Read More

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Setting Record Levels in Your DAW

One of the biggest issues in home recording is proper gain staging. I hear it all the time - "Pro Tools didn't clip, but it sounds distorted still." Or maybe "there isn't much dynamic range in my recording, should I use less compression?" A lot of this confusion boils down to a misunderstanding of proper… Read More

Sound Design

Understanding the Difference Between Genre and Style

Most of the time, we use the terms "genre" and "style" interchangeably. And most of the time, that's not a problem. But when we're trying to figure out what makes a pro mix or production, it can make a pretty big difference. As you start to understand the difference between genre and style, you'll be… Read More

Interesting Production

Building In Dynamics for Your Productions

In today's world of high-energy productions and a seemingly decreasing dynamic range, it can be tough to build contrast into your productions. And in case you're not aware, contrast is what makes music exciting. If there was no contrast in music, you'd listen to a single pitch at the same velocity, rhythm, and pitch. Can… Read More

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